Traditional Kung Fu Clothing

Traditional Kung Fu Clothing

You can purchase Kung Fu clothing at plenty of different retail outlets or you can buy them online just like you can buy boxing ropes or gloves without trying them on (click here for an example).  Before you whip out the credit card make sure that they are compatible with the style of Kung Fu you have decided to study.  Many people equate Kung Fu clothing with old Bruce Lee movies from the 60’s.  Bruce Lee dominated the silver screen with his dramatic black Kung Fu suit.  There are still students to this day almost 50 years later who want to learn King Fu because of old Bruce Lee movies and his legend.  Celebrities and regular students stills strive to imitate his style and begin serious training.  But before you join up at the nearest Kung Fu school you should familiarize yourself with the many different styles that are available.  Here is a look at the different Kung Fu styles.

Bruce Lee Style

Although we may want to look and emulate Bruce Lee the fact is the style of your clothing should coincide with the style you wish to study.  Kung Fu clothing isn’t cheap and it isn’t there to make you look good.  It is there to provide comfort and ease of movement as you work through the exercises.  Look into the style first before you shell out for clothing that you may need to replace later.

Ask Your Teacher

Before you go to buy Kung Fu clothes you can ask your martial arts instructor exactly what you need.  In fact many martial arts studios will sell you the right clothing that you will need.  If that is not the case there will be a local supplier or sporting goods store.  Kung Fu is about movement, sometimes fast and other times slow and flowing.  Either way you are going to need clothing that moves with you.  Clothing that is flexible and won’t hinder any kicks or movement.  Most suits are made from natural materials either cotton or silk, it also has to be able to withstand contact from other students.

Kung Fu clothing can include the following:

  • T-shirt
  • Shoes
  • Jacket
  • Belt
  • Slippers

You really don’t need to go overboard and spend a ton of money on clothing, it will really depend on the school you go to.  Some require nothing more than shorts and a t-shirt while others are more formal in the attire that you require.  Always ask the sensei first.

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