Shaolin Kung Fu Techniques

Shaolin Kung Fu Techniques

One of the most respected and widely known form of martial arts is Shaolin Kungfu. This ancient method also known
as Shaolin Wushu developed in China. It is believed that an Indian prince called Bodhidharma is the pioneer as he travelled to see the emperor but ended up settling there among the natives.

Shaolin Wushu is based on speed, precision and balance. It is widely practiced among the monks in China. The reason for training in this type of martial arts is to bring harmony to your mind and you attain self defence in case attacked.  You are not supposed to misuse it as per the teachings.  Here is a look at Shaolin King Fu.

The most basic and first step of training is balance. This is important as it is one of key factors of successfully defeating an opponent. Another basic training is endurance. For a successful winner, your endurance to some very extreme conditions counts.

A skill that one masters along the way is precision. Since Shaolin Kungfu is all about self defence and not being offensive, the training involves hitting all the vulnerable areas with precision. This ensures you easily subdue your opponent.

Shaolin Kungfu has the following techniques :

1. Kicking

Different martial arts emphasize on kicking and Shaolin Kungfu is no different. This technique involves mastering how to use the legs and give the enemy a powerful blow no matter the style used.

2. Throwing

Through this technique, you can be able momentarily stun your enemy using powerful hit or push to make them fall to the ground. Before the recover you can use any tactic to hit a vulnerable part making them pass out completely or disabling them.

3. Wrestling

This technique is taught for close range combat where you and the opponent are holding each other. It involves knowing how get an edge over rival and overpower them.

4. Grabbing

In this technique, the emphasis is on taking the initiative to surprise your opponent by grabbing them unexpectedly
and dealing a fatal blow before they have even a chance to react.

5. Stances

This technique also known as defensive tactics is all about knowing how to repel the above techniques. They focus on how you can avoid being prone to either grabbing, wrestling, kicking and even throwing in order to be the one destabilizing your enemy.

The Chinese are very interesting people who love learning from nature and animals such as the snake, tiger, dragon, monkey and eagle. Some of the Shaolin Kungfu tactics are named after those animals.